Chakra clearing

Sometimes, we may experience a sense of unease or blockages that hinder our progress, well-being, and overall happiness. Despite seeking help from various sources, finding the root cause and effective solutions can be challenging.

One approach that you mentioned is cleansing your chakras and freeing yourself from external energies. Chakras are believed to be energy centers within our bodies that can become imbalanced or blocked, potentially affecting our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Cleansing and balancing these energy centers can be a transformative process, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves and experience a sense of renewal.

There are various techniques and practices available for chakra cleansing, such as meditation, energy healing modalities, and specific exercises. Engaging in these practices can help release stagnant energy, promote balance, and support overall well-being. It’s important to approach chakra cleansing with an open mind and a willingness to explore and understand your own energy system.

If you’re interested in embarking on a journey of chakra cleansing, there may be resources, courses, or practitioners available who can guide you through the process. They can provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to cleanse and balance your chakras, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and experience a sense of renewal.

It’s essential to find the approach that resonates with you and feels right for your personal growth and well-being.


Soul Language helps often to cleanse your chakras and feel reborn

How can I find inner peace? Clearing the chakras can be one approach. Through targeted techniques, a release of external energies that prevent you from finding balance and being at peace with yourself is achieved

How do you notice that foreign energies, spells, Shedding energys are manipulating you and that a ENERGY CLEANSING makes sense?

When harmful energies attach to you, it usually has negative consequences. Among other things, the following history points are possible signs that your chakras are polluted:

  • You are permanently stressed, angry, aggressive
  • You feel an inner restlessness
  • You suffer from fatigue
  • You are plagued by depression and bad sleep
  • Fears determine your everyday life
  • Illness, relationship & finance troubles runs through your life like a red thread
  • You feel a general malaise

What are chakras?

Chakras are subtle energies that flow through and around our bodies – namely from the astral body (the body that houses our soul) into the physical body. What sounds mysterious has a real and significant impact on our existence. Chakras determine how we feel, how fit we are and how we are mentally. Especially when other medical examinations have not revealed a cause for symptoms such as lack of strength and negative feelings, it is worthwhile to take a look at the chakras and possibly have them cleansed.

The theory of the chakras has its origins in yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, and thus in ancient teachings that endure to this day. Literally translated from Sanskrit, chakra means “circle.” This is due to their shape as small vortices. Several thousand energy pathways bundle in the chakras – this is how it is depicted in ancient Indian texts.

Sometimes it can happen that energies that are not good for us gain access to our body without us noticing. When we are occupied by unwanted chakras, it affects our mood. Some people even feel physical pain when their chakras are contaminated. In this case, a release of these unwanted foreign energies is urgently needed. We can do this by cleansing the chakras. Otherwise, no unobstructed flow of energy can take place, which can be noticeable on both the physical and mental levels.

Where are the seven main chakras?

It is believed that each person has a total of seven main chakras. They are all interconnected and run in a line along the spine. Each of the seven chakras relates to a specific life (co)determining area:

Root chakra: located at the tailbone – grounding.
disturbance symptoms: financial problems, anxiety, weight problems

Sacral chakra: located in the reproductive organs below the navel – creativity, sensuality
Disturbance symptoms: guilt, shame, impotence, sex addiction, loneliness

Navel chakra (solar plexus chakra): above the navel – power
Disturbance symptoms: indigestion, diabetes, anger, low self-esteem

Heart chakra: in the area of the heart (chest) – feelings, empathy.
Disturbance symptoms: heart disease, asthma, feeling of inner emptiness, addiction

Throat chakra: at the larynx – communication
Disturbance symptoms: Dental problems, hoarseness, shyness, fear of rejection.

Brow chakra: between the eyebrows – perception, spirituality
Disturbance symptoms: stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches

Crown chakra: in the head – connection to the higher self
Disturbance symptoms: learning disorders, forgetfulness, immune deficiency, dissatisfaction

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Why & when should you cleanse your chakras?

Every person has an individual aura. You can imagine it like a cloud in which our energies are located. These flow through our body. Our immediate environment also notices these energies – perhaps you have also “felt” the positive or negative energies that your fellow human beings radiate. Likewise, you radiate certain energies. When interacting with others (for example through gestures, facial expressions or a conversation), these energies are automatically exchanged. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for foreign energies to enter your energy field. This happens especially when our natural protection against foreign energy is not strong enough due to external influences (stress, psychological strain). Also the COVID-PCR tests, CORONA vaccination, wearing masks and permanent fear have caused enormous damage in people’s energy field and body. To get rid of these damaging forces and achieve liberation from the foreign energies, you need to cleanse your chakras.

There are two main reasons for contaminated chakras:

  • Blocked energy centers: when the energies within us are stuck and cannot move freely, a harmonious flow of energy is no longer possible. This affects our psyche and can make us feel depressed or listless. Triggers are inner blockages or pent-up emotions. But also when your personality develops, this has an influence on the chakras. PCR tests have led to enormous mental confusion and a feeling of “separateness” due to their proximity to the pineal gland, the No. 1 organ of intuition.
  • Foreign / Alien energies: Chakras of other people or earthbound souls as well as negative extraterrestrial, spiritual energies nest in your body when your own energy field is weakened (for example by illness, traumas, COVID-PCR-tests and COVID-vaccinations) and cannot fight them off. This doesn’t have to happen consciously at all, but can happen far back, already in childhood or even in the womb. Also a reference to a previous life is possible. The consequence: You don’t find yourself anymore, because there are several souls and energies in you.

This is why you can feel it when your chakras are polluted

The subtle energy of the chakras is transformed into energy in the body, which can influence the physique and the psyche. We perceive this in the form of feelings, but also through physical sensations such as headaches, gastrointestinal complaints or muscular problems. If your chakras are polluted, this manifests itself accordingly through negative signs.

Allow energies to flow freely again

Clean chakras and remove blockages

The goal is to bring polluted chakras back into their original balance, to release blockages and reactivate the energy flow – because the problem is anchored in yourself. Clearing the chakras therefore also always means an intensive confrontation with your personal issues, a thorough “cleaning up” of your feelings. These intensive conversations about your emotional world and your inner self are a main ingredient to free yourself from external energies.

Liberation from external energies - your clearing

Foreign energies can negatively affect your everyday life, your well-being, your health and thus your whole life. This is especially to be feared when earthly bound foreign souls of people or dark entities have gained access to you. They are true energy thieves and drain you of mental strength, which you consequently lack on all levels. In addition, they transfer their often negative thoughts to you. The COVID measures, with PCR-tests, COVID-vaccination, lockdown and existential fear had enormously negative effects on people. So if you are plagued by these, it is especially important to free yourself from them. For the future you should build up a protection against foreign energies.

How I can help you cleanse your chakras and achieve liberation from foreign energies

In the course of my decades of work as a healer and therapist, I have developed a special method to help you cleanse your chakras and/or free yourself from foreign energies. In doing so, I use Soul-Language – Light-Language as one of many tools. The goal is to help you to help yourself, so that you are able to cleanse your chakras on your own, whenever it should be necessary. In this way you learn to focus completely on your inner peace and balance. I help you with appropriate tools to inner strength. For this purpose I offer liberation videos, audio material, webinars as well as face-to-face seminars. Just contact me and together we will find a solution that fits you and your personal issue.

Im Laufe meiner jahrzehntelangen Tätigkeit als Heiler und Therapeut habe ich eine spezielle Methode entwickelt, um dir dabei zu helfen, deine Chakren zu reinigen und/oder dich von fremden Energien zu befreien. Dabei setze ich als eines von vielen Mitteln auf Seelensprache. Ziel ist es, dir Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe zu leisten, sodass du selbstständig in der Lage bist, deine Chakren zu reinigen, wann immer es notwendig sein sollte. So lernst du, dich völlig auf deine innere Ruhe und deine innere Balance zu konzentrieren. Ich verhelfe dir mit geeigneten Tools zu innerer Stärke. Dazu biete ich Befreiungs-Videos, Audiomaterial, Webinare sowie auch Präsenz-Seminare an. Wende dich einfach an mich und wir finden gemeinsam eine Lösung, die zu dir und deinem persönlichen Thema passt.

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