Aura clearing

How to free yourself from negative energies in your Aura?

“You have a great aura” or: “You are surrounded by a positive aura”, or even: “Your aura radiates negativity” – such sentences are easily said and are perhaps not always taken seriously. However, it is worth taking a deeper look, as it is possible to recognize and interpret your own aura. If it has negative connotations, we can cleanse our aura and actively influence it.

If your aura is polluted, I can help you to cleanse your chakras. In this way you can come to terms with yourself and your karma, and release blockages. This may even lead to an improvement of previously unsolvable problems or even physical ailments that you may not have associated with your aura.

Know your aura

If you are cheerful and healthy, have a positive outlook on the world and are able to find something good in problems, this indicates a bright, large aura. If, on the other hand, you are negatively disgruntled, generally dissatisfied, and perhaps even plagued by physical ailments, then your aura is probably small and weak. So the aura influences your whole way of life, your attitude towards life. On the way to a more relaxed, powerful and positive life I support you.

By cleansing your aura, it can regain all its radiance – and you thereby more quality of life.

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"Aura" - what does that actually mean?

Before we cleanse your aura, we would like to briefly clarify what is behind the term. What seems abstract and uncertain to many is actually something quite concrete – namely, an energetic field that surrounds your physical body.

Even though the aura itself is invisible to the human eye, there are different colors that it can take on and seven different layers that we can influence and cleanse. The coloring of the layers therefore reflects the respective state of mind: bright and strong colors are associated with positive energy and a benevolent attitude towards life, while dull and pale colors express negativity or can also be signs of illness.

Your gut feeling as an “aura compass

You may not be aware of it and you probably can’t see the aura of the people around you, but you can certainly feel it. Do you know when you feel particularly attracted to a certain person, when you feel comfortable and secure around them and this circumstance cannot actually be explained rationally? And vice versa, when other people seem rather distant and cool to you, even though they are objectively very friendly? This feeling usually indicates a positive or negative aura in your counterpart. You subconsciously perceive the subtle force fields that surround other people and react to them, even if you often can’t explain why.

Especially in the “COVID time” with PCT test & mRNA COVID vaccination this feeling has been strongly affected by these chemical, high-tech, nano & DNA-manipulating ingredients. Energetic DETOX/clearing/cleansing is very important!

Aura and Chakras: How can you tell that you should cleanse your Aura?

Each aura layer contains life energy, the so-called prana, and is connected to one of the seven chakras. The seven layers of the aura supply the seven corresponding chakras with energy. Due to many influences, whether external or internal upsets, this energy flow can be disturbed or blocked, so that one chakra or several chakras do not receive enough life energy – with adverse consequences for you. As soon as you notice that you do not feel well, that you are in a negative mood, it is time to cleanse your aura and reactivate your energy centers.

Chakras - structure and connection

The first auric layer is the etheric body and corresponds to the root chakra. The emotional body, the second auric layer, corresponds to the sacral chakra. The mental body is connected to the navel chakra, the astral body to the heart chakra. In terms of effect, the etheric negative body corresponds to the throat chakra, the celestial body to the forehead chakra and the ketheric body to the crown chakra. Negative stresses can occur in one or all auric layers.

This is how the Aura can be polluted

A weak or impure aura is not always self-caused. It can be, for example, that negative energies attach themselves to a body from the outside. Often it is precisely these external energies that negatively influence an aura. Through a karmic connection or also through encounters with people who are surrounded by negative energies and unintentionally automatically radiate harmful energies, the foreign energies can pass over to you. To get rid of these harmful energy potentials, you should cleanse your aura.

Likewise, we can also be responsible for a negative aura ourselves, possibly even without knowing it. Especially when we are exposed to high psychological stress and strain, this can cloud our aura.

Through all the COVID measures such as PCR test, COVID vaccination and wearing masks, a lot of negative energy fields have been created in people, which are visible and noticeable for quite a few people.

Maybe you are also surrounded by a disturbed energy field without knowing it. Unconsciously, you yourself can radiate negative energy to people in your environment. This also affects your own well-being. Physical stress such as pain or mental tension due to bad mood, indisposition or mental disorders are possible consequences. But it doesn’t have to stay that way, because you can clean your aura.

Signs of a weak and/or contaminated Aura

  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Constant worries
  • Negative feelings (envy, jealousy, anger)
  • Headaches
  • Dejection
  • Permanent tiredness
  • Malaise

Is it necessary to have my Aura cleansed?

But how do you know if your bad mood or a particular problem is related to a weak or polluted aura? Some people have the ability to perceive auras visually. A weakened aura appears discolored, cracked, pitted, dull and lackluster, while a strong and pure aura glows in vibrant colors.

Let your aura shine bright again!

After your aura has been cleansed of negative energies, it may still be weakened. That’s why it’s so important to re-energize it with positive, healing energy. Your aura will shine with full power and brilliance after the purification.

So I can clean your Aura

A very suitable way to cleanse your aura is the light language or soul language. In an individual session, in light language or soul language or in our courses (live or via VIDEO) I speak to you and to the energies that surround you. The light language is the original language of mankind and a means of communication with which you can address everything – people, animals, plants, things or even forces and souls. In this way I can directly address your disturbed energy field and remove negative influences from your aura. You want to know more about your energy fields, the light language and how we can cleanse your aura together? 

Just use the CONTACT form to get in touch with me. 

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