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The concept of a primordial language that connects all living beings, things, and forces on Earth and beyond is fascinating. It suggests a profound interconnectedness and a universal means of communication. This primal language, often referred to as soul language or light language.


“In the beginning was the Word” – this is already written in the Bible (John 1:1-4). But what words & language might that have been? German, Italian or English as we know it today? Or more likely the that there is a primordial language in which all living beings, things and forces on earth and even beyond can communicate with each other. We also call this primal language soul language or light language. Everyone can learn it – after all, it is deeply rooted in us.

The concept of a primordial language that connects all living beings, things, and forces on Earth and beyond is fascinating. It suggests a profound interconnectedness and a universal means of communication. This primal language, often referred to as soul language or light language, is believed to be inherent within each of us, deeply rooted in our essence.

The idea that everyone can learn this language is empowering. It implies that we all have the potential to tap into this innate ability to communicate on a deeper level, beyond the limitations of spoken words. By reconnecting with this primal language, we can enhance our understanding, connection, and harmony with the world around us.

Exploring and learning this soul language was for each client a transformative journey. It can open up new avenues of perception, intuition, and connection with others, nature, and the greater forces at play. It involves practices, techniques, and experiences that help us access and express this language in our own unique way.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the exploration of soul language or light language, buy some of my courses, or get a 1 & 1 session, that I can guide you on this path. It’s a beautiful endeavor to reconnect with our inherent abilities and explore the profound interconnectedness of all things.

If you have any further questions or if there’s anything specific you would like assistance with, please feel free to let me know. I’m here to support you on your journey of discovery and growth.


IMPORTANT! YOU can´t LEARN this technique! It get´s REAWAKENED within YOU with my help! 

Afterwards you can use it for yourself, your family, your clients! It´s a great tool, if you “tried already everything” and almost lost faith in a solution or god! It can end the darkness of the past, to elevate yourself and others. Many clients had amazing results after learning the technique and be able to speak and use on a daily basis.  

MY START: I prayed to god for a more powerful way of healing in 2010 and got the SOUL LANGUAGE – LIGHT LANGUAGE – SPEAKING IN TONGUES awakened within me. I was crying for minutes when my first words came out, because I felt my DIVINE SELF, my Angel Wings, my LIGHT! I will never forget… 


Why the term “light language”?

You may find it hard to imagine until you speak it for the first time: Through light language you feel and sometimes even see a flow of divine light through your body. This light fills your whole being and radiates out from you. And this can have a healing effect: When speaking in soul language, you can release your own blockages, as well as those of your client / partner / animal / computer…

Understanding and mastering the language of light is instinctively anchored in us, we have merely unlearned this ability over time because we often got killed in past lives for it and have not used the language since. I help you to reawaken this divine gift.

About 90% of my clients learn the language of light in just one weekend. At the same time we clean energetic & karma barriers and free you from harmful foreign energies from this and previous lives.

Soul Language / Light Language / Talking in tongues:
What is it? How to USE it? You will learn in my seminars!

Learning the language of light is quite different from a conventional language course. Because unlike foreign languages, you already carry the ability to speak the language of light within you.

I want to (re)awaken this gift in you. My task is to draw it out of you, so that you too can act as a channel for the divine again and you can speak with yourself in this sacred language as well as with people in your environment, with plants, landscapes or even objects.

What is actually understood by "Light Language"?

The language of light has several names. So it is often also called soul language or primal language, in other place occasionally also from elves or fairy language the speech is. Already in the Bible there is talk about it, under the term “speaking in tongues”. At the Pentecost event, for example, it is said: After the Holy Spirit appeared to the disciples, they spoke “in tongues” and everyone understood them. This is exactly what light language is – a language that is deeply rooted in every human being and that everyone – regardless of origin and mother tongue – understands. That is why everyone can learn light language.

Light language is a mixture of all languages that exist on earth. It is assumed that originally there was ONE language, namely the original language, and in the course of the Babylonian confusion of languages all individual languages developed from this one language.

By the way, light language is not only known in Christianity, but appears in many different contexts all over the world, for example among the Mormons, the Aborigines or Indian yoga teachers.

Distinction from other languages

The language of light is not understood and processed by the head, but in the heart. For example, in German, Spanish or Polish we can talk well about factual things, i.e. about concepts like “car”, “eating pizza” or even “cold”. However, when it comes to emotional things, things that should touch us in the heart, we can talk about them in words in the respective language, but the fact that these words touch our dialogue partner in the deepest core is very rarely the case.

Also, “normal” language often causes misunderstandings. Facial expressions, gestures, intonation – all of these can lead to the other person understanding what we said differently than we meant it. This leads to disputes and emotional stress.

The language of light reaches the heart

In the original language (light language), however, it is exactly the other way around. With our mind we cannot understand it. There is no certain vocabulary in this sense, no fixed sentence structure. It is a superior form of communication. In our heart we can learn to understand light language. Whenever we are dealing with mental problems, emotional blocks, or deeply personal issues, standard language is of little use. A much more suitable means of addressing such matters is soul language: when you speak, your heart is touched, as is the heart of your interlocutor – no matter who or what it is about.

Therefore, strictly speaking, it is not quite correct to say: “I speak in light language”. It is more accurate to say, “I let the light language speak through me.” Because basically you are not speaking yourself, but a divine source is speaking through you. Soul language can be gentle and loving, powerful and determined, direct and demanding. Depending on what your soul wants to express.

How does the language of light "work"?

You may ask yourself why it might be useful for you to learn light language. You will be surprised in how many areas soul language can help you. A very important goal of communication in this language is the healing of people. However, the possibilities of application are limitless. For example, it is possible to communicate in soul language with an electronic object, such as a cell phone, and thereby remove the harmful electromagnetic radiation. Also, you can solve problems and tensions in your relationship with your partner that you can’t handle through normal conversations.

Some people understand every word of the Light Language in their native language. They get simultaneous translation, just like with an interpreter. Others, however, understand only a few individual words, and still others understand nothing. This, by the way, is not a hindrance, but often even desired, so that the mind does not “get in the way” of the connection to the other person and you do not continuously analyze what is being said while the Divine is speaking through you. In that case you realize only by a feeling in your heart what it is approximately about.

How you can learn Soul Language / Light Language

You can probably guess: you can’t learn light language like Turkish or Italian, for example. You can only learn light language if your energy flow is free, so that the divine energy can flow through you and speak through you automatically.

You can learn how to activate this energy flow in my seminars or in individual sessions. Here it is primarily about cleansing you energetically and releasing you from various blockages, be they from this or a previous life (karma). If such blockages exist, they not only hinder your success in life, but can also prevent you from learning the language of light again.

Do you suffer from physical or psychological ailments and are not getting anywhere with conventional therapies? You have been to different doctors, but you just can’t get rid of your suffering? Here it can help to solve the original problem through the soul language. In my seminars I achieve an intensive cleansing of the previously unsolvable blockages and in the best case you can already speak in light language at the end of the session. Experience shows that about one third to one half of all participants learn the soul language within one session.

Learning light language is a deeply touching event for everyone. My group seminars are structured in such a way that all those who can speak soul language at a certain point then speak to those who have not yet mastered it, while it continues constantly with blockage clearing. At some point, everyone possesses this gift.

Goals of learning the language of light

Most of my clients want to learn light language in order to heal themselves. It can be used to “heal” in a wide variety of situations and with a wide variety of concerns and problems. When you speak in this language, you feel (for some people it can be seen) the Divine Light flowing through you, coming out, expanding and thus illuminating everything else around you. At that moment, you are healed as even your dark places are illuminated. You become purified of everything that needs purification. And all this happens without you specifically knowing or planning what to do – it just happens. In the soul language you can speak specifically through yourself with yourself or let God speak through you, to the respective personal issue that burdens you.

So learning light language is a very efficient way to solve energy problems:

You can use the Light Language to cleanse yourself of all burdens and ailments that you cannot resolve with other methods.

Learning Light Language for work as a therapist or healer

The gift of soul language can also be very useful for people who work therapeutically. They can effectively incorporate speaking in light language into treatments, adding a new, fascinating and, above all, very effective aspect to them.

In the course of a session, clients are asked whether it is allowed to speak to them in the primal language. The answer is usually “yes”. Then, within seconds, one can get to blockages that would otherwise take ages to resolve. For therapists and clients alike, these are real gifts that make life easier, and experiences that open up new worlds for both sides.

For example, it is interesting for charmans, reiki teachers, yoga teachers, healers or coaches to learn the light language.

If you have any questions, I am always at your disposal.

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